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Since 1986, Harris Care Centers has been offering adults a place to call home. Our four facilities are licensed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, along with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, and two of our locations, Columbia Street Manor and Marian Cliff Manor, are VA approved. Our residents come from many different types of backgrounds, but we’re proud to say that many have served our country in one of the branches of the military.

Based on a resident’s requests and physical abilities, we offer different living options. Harris Care Centers has one location that is licensed as an Residential Care Facility I (RCF I) and three that are licensed as RCF II. (To learn more about Residential Care Facilities, please click here.) All of our residences offer private and semi-private rooms, and Marian Cliff Manor also has ward rooms.

Each year, all homes are inspected by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Missouri Department of Mental Health. Additionally, Columbia Street Manor and Marian Cliff Manor are inspected annually by the Department of Veterans Affairs, due to their VA approval status. Another annual inspection is conducted by the State Fire Marshall’s Office at each facility.

Three of our homes are located in the town of Farmington, Missouri, in St. Francois County. Farmington is approximately 72 miles southwest of St. Louis and provides a small-town feel, but it offers a community hospital, medical offices, and many well-known stores and services. Our historic Marian Cliff Manor is located in the rural town of St. Mary, Missouri, in Ste. Genevieve County, and is approximately 65 miles southeast from St. Louis. (To learn about the history of Marian Cliff Manor, please click here.) 

Social interaction is one of the most important factors for the well-being of people in general, and we believe this is just as important to our residents. We work hard to offer activities, such as trips to watch Cardinal Baseball games in St. Louis, picnics, fishing trips, drives in the country, and camping trips. All of our locations also participate in a variety of community day programs. Our homes in Farmington are within walking distance of the library, restaurants, and stores, so residents get a chance to get out and be among the public. Although Marian Cliff Manor is in a rural environment, it offers ample space on the property to walk and sit outside, and public transportation is available.

We would love to talk with you or your family member about living at one of the Harris Care Centers’ homes! To discuss the types of rooms that are currently available or to learn more about our living environments, please visit our Contact Us page, or call to speak to one of our staff members in Farmington at (573)760-9376 or in St. Mary at (573)543-2218.